Sleep Well with Chamomile

Is chamomile one of your favourite teas? Not only does it embody strong virtues to stand alone in its own merit, it has amazing healing powers as strong as they are soft, and works wonders as an accompaniment to every blend made with it.

Chamomile is prepared from dried flowers that bloom in the summer months and has a wonderful, soft, aromatic property that starts to relax you as soon the molecules are registered through the olfactory centre.

Not only is it a beautiful part of any tea drinking ceremony, it helps to slow down and take the time to savour the aroma. It is easily arguable that this small act is the key to the overall efficacy of the medicinal benefits of a tea.

To slow down. Breathe in. Connect. It is especially easy to do this with Chamomile. It is warmly, welcoming and softly inviting.

Chamomile has been used for thousands of years and known for its array of benefits:

  • It contains apigenin which is responsible for the relaxing quality Chamomile has in promoting a restful sleep.
  • It can be used for pain relief and contains chamazulene which has an anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic action.
  • It can be used as a wonderfully calming tummy tonic.
  • It can also be used topically and has been used to treat skin conditions in traditional herbal medicine.

Chamomile has many uses for children in relation to sleep difficulties and unrest in children. When this natural ingredient is combined with other natural herbal remedies such as Passiflora (Passion-flower) and Melissa (Lemon balm) it offers a unique formulation. To find out more about Children’s Calm & Sleep with Herbal Wellbeing, please click on the below link. 

With 100% naturally derived active ingredients, our Children’s Calm Sleep 100ml contains Chamomile, Passion-flower & Lemon Balm.

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