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Wellness!! It’s on my to-do list, honestly. As soon as I get a spare moment to myself that is.

Like most, I’m really pushed for time: What with work, partner, kids, work, zoom meetings, and those dreaded, yet inescapable domestic chores, there’s barely enough hours in the day to get the essentials done, let alone take care of me. More and more frequently, it seems, I’ve been putting ME last. And that’s not sustainable. Not in the long term. So, how can I do it all, and still have it all, if I’m tired, stressed and worn out?

Well, Welcome to Wellness! Herbal Wellbeing’s fantastic new range of 100% Australian grown Fava Bean Protein blends offer more than just a quick protein shake. Formulated for wellness, these powerhouse blends are packed with native botanicals, like Kakadu plum and lemon myrtle, plus other natural ingredients, that target core issues: Digestion, Immunity, and Movement. They’re based on a rich, clean, plant-based protein, that’s grown right here in Australia (why is that so rare to find??).  I love the added benefit of helping Aussie farmers by buying Australian, too.

The IMMUNITY blend (available in both Vanilla & Chocolate flavours) has been formulated specifically to contribute to normal immune system function. Immunity chocolate is made from at least 80% Australian ingredients, each serve is rich in Vitamin C, sourced from Australian native Kakadu plum, and delivers a perfect 100% RDI with every 25g serve. There’s an added probiotic for the gut, and the17g of protein in every serve provides more than 1/3 of the recommended daily intake for women. Gluten Free, Dairy Free, GMO Free, and refined sugar free, the powder is a super fine texture that blends easily. There are delicious recipes that are quick and easy to follow if you fancy a change-up from the shake-a-day concept. (Try the Perfect Protein Pancakes- they’ve become my special treat)


Hands up who doesn’t have gut issues? It’s often an unavoidable side effect of a busy lifestyle, where poor dietary decisions and lack of fibre combine to create tummy trouble.

Herbal Wellbeing’s DIGESTION blend has been specifically formulated to ease gut function and contribute to regularity. Its packed with digestive enzymes, probiotic, and other natural ingredients. Each serve contains up to 5.6g fibre, and is rich in zinc which contributes to normal carbohydrate metabolism as well as normal skin structure. The 100% Australian grown Fava Bean protein helps with the maintenance of normal bones, tissue building and repair. I love, love, love the Sweet Beet flavour (do try the Lean Green Gut Machine recipe-its unbelievably delish!), but the Pink Vanilla is fab too (I’m looking at you, Berry Blast!)









It’s confession time some mornings just getting out of bed feels like an extreme sport. My feet and knees are reluctant, to say the least. Herbal Wellbeing’s new MOVEMENT blend is designed to support healthy muscles, tissue building & repair, and the maintenance of normal bones. Made from at least 73% Australian ingredients, it’s packed with well regarded anti-inflammatories, including organic turmeric and inulin, Australian lemon myrtle, ginger, and flaxseed. Chai flavoured, it makes a soothing night time drink, but is delicious anytime of the day. Do your joints a favour and try it today!

These innovative Australian plant protein blends are a wonderful addition to your daily routine, making it quick and easy to put YOU first. You can find them, nationally, through leading pharmacies and health food stockists or order on line.

FREECALL 1800 040 362, or online: Products | Herbal Wellbeing Australia & take advantage of the  FREE SHIPPING OFFER!

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